Happy Easter Monday

I’m willing to bet this Easter holiday looks a lot different from the one you had last year.

Anyone else find themselves listening through classic songs today? I watched the music videos for “You Rock My World” and “They Don’t Really Care About Us” by Michael Jackson earlier and man, what an incredibly impactful artist he was.

In my opinion - which is all this newsletter is btw, my opinion - Michael Jackson was likely the biggest and greatest entertainer the world has ever seen.

People often mention Prince; one of my dad’s favorite artists. Interestingly enough, Grace’s dad is also a huge Prince fan. For those out of the loop, Grace is my girlfriend currently in (and from) Venice, Italy.

Looking back on when I had visited them, his words threw me off in that moment.

You’d have had to have been there. Picture me, being newly introduced and entranced by Italian language/culture, eating pasta at the dinner table, and suddenly hearing “Prince is my favorite musician of all time.” - it was like the furthest from hearing Prince I feel like I could have been. But somewhere in those words I felt an extra sense of comfort, something cultural that is shared even on the other side of the planet.

Not that I wasn’t already aware that American entertainment pervades the entire world and makes up a large amount of what’s being consumed.

But it certainly can be forgotton for brief periods overseas.

Prince was damn good, too. The only musician I know of who can be widely remembered simply by a color. Purple.

I think perhaps on the side and during my free time, I’d like to experiment with making a song. I’m willing to bet with enough time and effort I could make a really good one.

Things to look forward to in upcoming newsletters: a cool story on the Covid-19 experience not seen before, surprise video/audio drops, parts Pittsburgh culture no one has seen before, and of course, my opinion woven into everything.

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Also, that last post sure did generate interesting commentary over on /r/Pittsburgh.