Pittsburgh quarantine vlog with Rick & Willy

Me and Rick Sebak vlogging our day and supporting local restaurants

Firstly! Peep the new format of the newsletter. You like? Steady improvements. You may have noticed the collective identity “Cool Club” is scrapped for the time being: I can’t give the community following me an identity until I further flesh out my own creative identity and branding. Which, it’s possible I’ll bring the “Cool Club” right back. We’re just fading it to the background and allowing everything else to the forefront for now. Unless you all protest.

There is one small inclusion of the phrase, however. When newcomers sign up for the mailing list, they get a “Welcome to the Cool Club!” introductory email.

New video drop!

Me and the legend himself, Rick Sebak, vlogging our day yesterday. It’s my great pleasure to work with Rick on this collaboration and the entire day was filled with fun ideas going back and forth.

Our WQED family showing love:

My time as a “Next Generation Fellow” at WQED in 2017 under Minette Seate was a valuable time to me and it’s also when I got to know a lot of the folks - in front and behind the scenes - at the station.

Donate to WQED

It’s important to support local public broadcasting.

PGH Museums’ Art Talk podcast

Here’s something that gets mentioned in the video! It’s a project run by Brian Crawford, a buddy I’ve known for sometime, and RJ Kozain, a new friend who shares a passion for art.

I dive into a lot of cool and personal stories on their podcast interview on me. We did it on the Northside and my buddy John was gracious enough to allow us to use his meditation room to film it. As I explain in the segment, it’s part of the vibe I want to embrace for 2020.

Watch the interview

Pittsburgh Sleep podcast

It turns out, social distancing and quarantining makes going out a bit more challenging. Fear not, I have a previously recorded episode to release soon enough. I’m juggling a few things right now. But I know from the response that you guys have taken quite the liking to it! For those out of the loop, when the new episode is out, you’ll find it at pittsburghsleep.com

As always, if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave a reply. Thank you for reading.